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We have vans delivering a minimum of 4 days a week, or you can collect from store.

Our next delivery days are Saturday 24th Mar, Monday 26th Mar, Thursday 29th Mar, Friday 30th Mar, Saturday 31st Mar.
Outside our area deliveries will be sent by courier.


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Ben and Vicky welcome you to Radmore Farm Shop Online where we strive to bring you our highest quality foodsdelivered to your door.

Like all good stories, ours starts with boy meets girl. Ben, a Cambridge city boy met Vicky, a Northamptonshire farm girl.

Ready, Steady, Cook with Radmore…

…new to our range of Radmore Boxes are the ‘Just Add Recipe’ Boxes, a chance for the accomplished cook to test their culinary skills with a selection of quality ingredients picked out by us!

There’s some great introductory offers currently on our ‘Just Add Recipe’ boxes so check them out, as well as our fruit, veg and meat boxes HERE


Latest news from the farm!

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Your opinion matters to us

  • Always more than delighted with all the produce purchased at Radmore Farm Shop. Therefore coming away on a big family holiday, who should I rely on to assist in my catering needs to feed 20, but the lovely Ben and Vicky. Having purchased all I need for my vat of Spag Bol, I have also bought 40 sausage rolls and 25 mini cakes. All are very highly regarded by all, and they are all now in awe of the lovely Vicky's baking. So much so, that my very reserved, conservative Uncle, rushed down at 8:30 this morning to have chocolate cake for Breakfast. 10/10 as always guys! Thank you.

    Hannah C
  • Great produce from Ben and Vicki as well as interesting artisan finds. I buy all my lunch from here as well as meat and fruit and veg. Top marks go to the shop staff who are always so friendly and pleased to see me and happy to chat. A warm and friendly place. Bring back the fresh soups please!

    Kate H
  • Excellent quality produce. The Dexter beef is outstanding.. Friendly staff and lovely new premises - highly recommended  Oh, and fresh Truffle when its in season!!

    Jon T
  • A fantastic farm shop, with some of the best meat and produce around the Cambridge area. A fantastic selection of excellent quality meats, fresh vegetables, and some really interesting artisan products too. Ben's delivery service is great; always super friendly. I recommend Radmore to everyone!

    Kirsty R
  • Bought some beef today, went down really well with some button mushrooms.

    If you want fine cuts and great pies look no further.

    Cheryl W
  • I am obsessed with Radmore Farm Shop. They are lovely to me, give me tips and take requests. I get to feel sanctimonious for eating high-quality organic produce and supporting local businesses. The shop is so cute. Every visit is a delight. I love their Facebook updates. Did I mention I am obsessed?

    Louise W