About Radmore Farm Shop


Monday to Saturday: 10.00am – 6.30pm
Sunday : 11.00am – 4.00pm

Find us at : 8-10 Victoria Avenue, CB4 1EH
Phone: 01223 361155

To speak to Store Manager, Will, Email: will@radmorefarmshop.co.uk


Tuesday to Saturday: 9.00am – 2.00pm
Or by appointment.

Find us at : Radmore Farm, Litchborough, Towcester, NN12 8HR
Phone: 01327 828 109

Litchborough Facebook Page: Radmore Farm Shop Litchborough

Like all good stories, ours starts with boy meets girl. Ben, a Cambridge city boy met Vicky, a Northamptonshire farm girl. 

Their vision was to bring the best of the farm into the city, and now straight to your doorstep. Since 2006, Ben & Vicky have produced the highest quality foods, with passion and love, whether in Ben’s Butchery, Vicky’s Bakery or out amongst the animals on their family farm, Radmore. At Radmore, we make it our mission to source the best possible food, from other farms and small companies just like ours, ones that share our passion for quality and sustainability. We then send it to be enjoyed around your dining table in the most convenient way possible; by popping into one of our stores or by shopping online for straight-to-kitchen delivery. We have vans delivering around Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire and in between, but if you live outside of these areas, we will happily send your order via courier. 

  • “I was born on Radmore Farm, and had a magical childhood! I always dreamt of giving the same childhood to my children, but it’s not always easy to make a living off the land these days. When I met Ben whilst I was studying at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge, we hatched a plan to start selling things we produce on the farm through a little farm gate shop/ shed. The shop started off just selling eggs, potatoes and a few veggies. Within a year we had brought in a few other local supplier like us, and had brought a butchery to the farm so we cut our own meat from the farm. So encouraged by this start, and after all the requests to bring produce from the farm to Ben’s native Cambridge, we bit the bullet and opened up a shop in the big city. And we haven’t looked back since! Our love of all things quality food and independent business has continually grown, our customers and suppliers have turned into lifelong friends and our wonderful team of staff are now family! 

    These days, my time is spent either looking after our 2 amazing boys, Arthur and Leo, baking Vicky’s Cakes to keep the shop stocked up, feeding chickens and collecting eggs or writing my blog ‘My Family & Other Hungry Animals’. It’s been a crazy 12 years, but we’ve loved every minute!”

  • Vicky has always loved to bake, and in 2005 started experimenting with the odd sponge cake to sell in the shop. Vicky never dreamed back then that today she and her team would be baking the huge range of cakes, desserts, pies and pasties that she does today, from a custom designed bakery (converted from a cowshed) on the side of her house. The bakery makes individual treats, loaf cakes, sponges, desserts, quiches, meat pies and sausage rolls. The eggs Vicky uses are all free range, laid in the field just next to the bakery, any meat used is sourced from Ben’s butchery at Radmore and all the flour is from a local mill just 2 miles away. Vicky still uses traditional ‘wooden spoon’ techniques, and does not ever scrimp on quality ingredients for a tasty finished product, just like you would make in your own kitchen. 

  • “When I met Vicky I had no experience of farming. After visiting the farm with her, it wasn’t hard to get hooked. I also love Cambridge city, where I had grown up, and loved the idea of fusing the 2 lives together. Since my first day on the farm, I have learnt how to run a farm, look after livestock and animal husbandry. My main focus has been learning butchery to produce meats for our shops. I think it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a lot in the last 12 years!

    My job these days consists of obsessing how to make our products the best around, and working with producers and local businesses who share our ethos. Of course I am still found in the butchery a fair amount too, and out and about in the van delivering to customers.”

  • The butchery arrived on the farm in 2005 and has seen a fair amount of sausages pass through the door since then. Ben was taught butchery by a retired master butcher, Brian, who used to own a butchers shop in the 1970’s. Brian passed on a wealth of expertise, and experience. Ben still uses all the techniques that Brian taught him 10 years ago, and coupled with our belief that above all, quality should never be compromised, we believe that we  turn out some exceptional products.

    In our butchery we prepare fresh free range chickens and seasonal poultry raised on our farm. We also butchery home reared pork, and make our own sausages in a large selection of flavours. We hang free range predigree Dexter beef sourced from local farms for a minimum of 21 days to mature the flavour, and prepare. We also butcher local lamb, local estate & wild venison, game birds including pheasant, partridge and pigeon and other game. We now cure our own bacon and gammon, and cook and cure a selection of other meats also. 

  • Our Cambridge store opened in 2006, and moved onto Victoria Avenue in 2017. We strive to bring the countryside into the city by filling our Store full of top quality produce from ours and other local farms. We pride ourselves on top notch service with that personal touch that you get from your friendly corner shop. If you have any questions, call in to the store between opening hours and we will be happy to answer them. Or get in touch via phone, email or social media.

  • Litchborough is our production hub. Customers are welcome to join us amidst the chaos between 9am – 2pm Tuesday- Saturday, or by appointment outside of these times. We will have all of our meats and game available, and some great butchers tips and advice too, just be prepared that you might find us buried under a beef forequarter or a pile of pheasants!

  • On Radmore farm we still do an awful lot of farming! We have 2 flocks of laying hens where we produce free range eggs for the shop. Our vision was to be small

    scale commercial, so that all our hens get love and care and each and everyone gets outside and roaming around every day. We also produce free range chickens for meat, and cockerels at Christmas time. The breed we choose are Ros and being free range they grow a lot more slowly for a traditional flavour. The chickens are slaughtered on site at the farm, which is beneficial to their welfare to cut out the stress to the birds of transporting them. 

    Also on Radmore, Vicky’s dad keeps pigs, large white crossed with landrace. The farm was traditionally a large scale pig farm, but was scaled right back when we decided to sell it all ourselves instead of relying on large scale supermarkets, who often bought the pork at a loss to us. 

    All the butchery, bakery and game dressing is also done on the farm, it’s now a busy hive of activity! 

  • We offer a game dressing and venison butchery service from our farm in Litchborough. We also purchase game from reputable local suppliers. If you would like to discuss dressing or sales with us, email ben@radmorefarmshop.co.uk or call Ben on 07888 854391

    Collections and drop offs of game can be made within our shop opening hours of 9am-2pm, or by arrangement outside of these hours. 

  • Shopping online with Radmore couldn’t be more simple. Just browse through our products and add items you would like to your Basket. If you live within our local delivery zone, you can choose a delivery day and time slot. If you live outside of this area we can pack your order into insulated boxes and send via courier. Next you enjoy your delicious food!

    Payments can be made via PayPal and Ben and Vicky are available to answer any questions you may have by email.

  • We choose suppliers that share our ethos. People who are passionate about what they do and put love, care and pride into their food. We are currently working on a database of all our suppliers so they can tell you a little about themselves in their own words. Watch this space!

  • We support the Air Ambulance, as being a rural business and having had farming friends and neighbours that have relied on their services for vital lifesaving care, it’s a charity that’s very close to our hearts. Checkout the work the East Anglian Air Ambulance do here 


    We also really believe in the amazing work that Food Cycle do, turning food destined for the bin into community meals for all, especially those in food poverty. As such we donate any waste veg, fruit, bread, and more to be put to good use by Food Cycle. To see more of the amazing work done by Food Cycle, have a look here www.foodcycle.org.uk .

  • In 2016 we signed up to the Living Wage Foundation. This is a commitment on our part to pay a real wage to all staff, that is calculated by the foundation based on actual costs of living, and as such is higher  than the national living wage/minimum wage. To find out more about the living wage foundation www.livingwage.org.uk

Please have a look around our store, then catch us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, follow Vicky’s blog, or join our recipe exchange group. Don’t forget to say hi, and tell us what’s been cooking in your kitchen recently! 

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