Serving the city of Cambridge and Rural South Northants

Radmore Farm Shop

8-10 Victoria Avenue
Cambridge CB4 1EH

Opening hours

Mon – Fri : 9.00am – 6.45pm
Saturday : 10.00am – 5.30pm
Sunday : 11.00am – 4.00pm

Opening hours

Mon – Fri : 9.00am – 6.45pm
Saturday : 10.00am – 5.30pm
Sunday : 11.00am – 4.00pm

Radmore Farm Shop

8-10 Victoria Avenue
Cambridge CB4 1EH


Like all good stories, ours starts with boy meets girl. Ben, a Cambridge city boy met Vicky, a Northamptonshire farm girl

Our vision was to bring the best of the farm into the city, or straight to your doorstep. Since 2006, we have offered for sale the highest quality foods, with passion and love, whether in Vicky’s Bakery or from our dedicated group of producers and suppliers.

At Radmore, we make it our mission to source the best possible food, from other farms and small companies just like ours, ones that share our passion for quality and sustainability. We then send it to be enjoyed around your dining table in the most convenient way possible; by popping into our store on Victoria Avenue, Cambridge, or by booking a delivery to your home in Cambridge or South Northants.

We also have a passion for shopping ‘the way it used to be’, and by that we mean personal, friendly service and scrapping whatever unnecessary packaging we can! That’s why there’s a huge section of zero waste supplies when you visit our store, and helpful store assistants on hand… just don’t forget to bring your bags and containers!

Our suppliers

We stock great tasting food, and also eco friendly household items from producers with credentials that make them us proud to put them on our shelves! We like to buy directly from the producer or manufacturer when it’s possible to keep the supply chain short and make sure it’s real people we deal with. We choose as local as we can to keep our food miles down.

Please have a browse at some of the great people we work with.



Radmore Farm our own home reared cockerels
Joseph Morris quality family butchers
Sutton Hoo free range chicken from Suffolk Pastures Poultry free range chicken, guineafowl and duck from Northants
Heart of England Farms Christmas Kelly Bronze turkeys, free range geese, white turkeys
Ramus Seafood fresh sustainable fish and seafood
Direct Seafoods fresh sustainable fish
Pished Fish booze infused smoked salmon


Vicky’s Cakes freshly baked cakes, pies and quiches made by our very own Vicky here on Radmore Farm
Allotment freshly baked sourdough bread from Cambridgeshire
Fitzbillies organic Cambridge made bread
Franks Luxury Biscuits oaties, flapjacks and biscuits
Gourmet Brownies baked in Ely


Cambridge Food Hub all organic fruit and veg from local farmers and further afield
Hilarys fresh quality fruit and veg from Cambridge company
Garry Penn Northamptonshire supplier of quality fresh produce


Blunham Dairy  fresh milk including organic glass pint bottles and butter
Havensfield  free range eggs from Suffolk 
Lime Tree Farm  free range eggs from Northants 
Bevistan  sheep’s milk cheese, milk and yoghurt from 
Godminster  organic cheddar 


Essential Soaps hand made in Cambridge
BeeBee Wraps beeswax wraps made in Cambridge
Zero Waste Path Shop sustainable soaps, shampoo and deodorant made in Cambridgeshire
Suma household cleaners, body care and eco friendly products


Watergull Orchards Cambridge made apple juice
Dryton’s Own Cambridge honey
Heygates flour from Northamptonshire
Olive olive Cambridge company selling Cypriot olive oil and halloumi
Farrington’s Northamptonshire rapeseed oil
Get Fruity fruity vegan snack bars
Cambridge Biltong
Rawr dairy free chocolate from Cambridge
Fen End Country Kitchen preserves made in Cambridgeshire
Bracken Hill quality preserves
Silver & Green marinated olives
Garofalo Italian bronze die pasta
RollaGranola made in Hitchin
Totally Cultured locally made sauerkraut and kimchi
HasBean freshly roasted coffee
Azahar Cambridge company specialising in Spanish cured meats and regional delicacies
Suma Wholefoods cooking ingredients, tins and jars, sauces, snacks

Home delivery service

We deliver in both the Cambridge area (local to our shop) and Towcester and surrounding villages (near our farm).

We deliver fruit and veg boxes, meats and fish, dairy, bakery and dried goods, as well as household items and winter fuels.

Please email us to find out whether we are able to deliver to your door, info about our product range, and to find out which day we could get to you.

Ben or Vicky aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours so if you haven’t heard back from us after that, your message may have gone astray. Try us again or prod us on our Facebook page.

Zero waste refills


We stock a wide range of zero waste products – just bring in your own clean empty containers, or use our paper bags. We also often have a supply of clean and quarantined donated pre-used containers for cleaning fluids. Our friendly staff are on hand if you’d like help with selecting and weighing your goods.

Click on the green dots on the right to view the list of products we stock.

Breakfast goods

    Local honey
    Muesli base
    Oats : large/jumbo
    Oats : regular
    Vicky’s Granola
    Vicky’s Muesli

    See ‘Nuts and seeds’ and ‘Dried fruit’ for additional breakfast ingredients

Coffee and chocolate
    Chocolate : dark
    Chocolate : milk
    Coffee beans
Dried fruit
    Apple rings
    Banana chips
    Ginger (crystallised)
    Juniper berries
    Pitted prunes
    Sundried tomatoes
Nuts and seeds

    Almonds : flaked
    Almonds : ground
    Almonds : whole
    Brazil nuts
    Brown linseed
    Chia seeds
    Flaked almonds
    Mixed nuts
    Omega seed and nut mix
    Poppy seeds
    Pumpkin seeds
    Raw pistachio nuts
    Red skin peanuts
    Roasted peanuts
    Salted peanuts
    Sesame seeds
    Sunflower seeds
    Walnut halves

Herbs and spices
    Bay leaves
    Black peppercorns
    Chilli powder
    Coarse sea salt
    Crushed chillies
    Fennel seeds
    Ginger (crystalised)
    Ground ginger
    Ground white pepper
    Mixed herbs
    Mustard seeds
    Sea salt
    Star anise
Rice and grains
    Lentils : Brown
    Lentils : Green speckled and green

    Pasta : Fusilli wholewheat
    Pasta : Penne wholewheat

    Rice : Arborio
    Rice : Basmati brown
    Rice : Long grain brown
    Rice : White basmati

    Chick Peas
    Cous Cous
    Pearl Barley

Household cleaning
    Eco friendly household refills:
    (subject to availability)

    Fabric conditioner
    Laundry liquid
    Laundry liquid
    Floor soap
    Liquid hand soap
    Toilet cleaner
    Multi surface cleaner
    Washing up liquid

    Suma shampoo
    Suma conditioner
    Liquid hand soap

Vicky’s blog

I am Vicky, a girl raised in the Northamtptonshire countryside who fell in love with a Cambridge city boy, Ben, who became my husband in 2011, and then Dad to our 2 beautiful boys, Arthur (born Feb 2014) and Leo (born March 2016), and to our most recent addition of a gorgeous girlie, Emma, born in lockdown 2020.

Our dream was to raise our little ones on my family farm and make a living off of what we could produce and sell from the farm through our own shop, Radmore Farm Shop.

My blog is about all the things I love: family, food and farming! And all the adventures we have along the way; whether they are related to running a business, sustainability and farming, cooking and local food, or raising free range children.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Vicky x

Frequently asked questions

Can I place an order online?

Whilst we cannot accept orders through the website, you can still order electronically. To do this, you can send your order via email using the form below, and payment can be made via bank transfer or using a credit or debit card through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to do this). You can order this way and collect from the store, or you can have a home delivery if you are in our delivery area. Please email us to find out more about our delivery area, and produce available for delivery.

How can I place an order for delivery?

There’s lots of different ways you can place orders, and we can work with what suits you best. You can have a standing recurring weekly or fortnightly order, or you can send us a list every week. Some customers prefer to sign up to receive our regular fresh produce list to keep an eye on what’s in season and then arrange a delivery as and when takes their fancy. Others simply email us a one off list when their fridge is looking empty or if they have an event to plan! Sometimes we even get sent an order via our Facebook page, or on occasions it may be possible to shop in person and then have the produce delivered to your house later on. We understand that life is busy and try to be as flexible as possible with what suits you in terms of ordering.

Do you deliver to my area?
We deliver throughout central Cambridge in any CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4 and CB5 postcode. We can often deliver further afield in Cambridgeshire also by arrangement via email using the form below.

We also deliver in South Northants; Towcester and Weedon area and surrounding villages. Please email us to see which days we are able to get to you.

What is in a veg box?

We have many options for fruit and veg boxes. We can make up veg/ fruit boxes with individual items that you select. We can also offer set boxes for those that like a surprise.

We have 3 main types of set box. Our most popular is a Roulette Box- this is a selection of mixed fruit, veg and salads that’s a total surprise. It will contain some things that are seasonal, some that are exotic, maybe even some that are weird and wonderful, but all will be fresh and tasty. We also sell a seasonal veg box which is available in a regular size for a smaller family and a large size for a bigger household. Finally we sell a mixed fruit box which features as much seasonal produce as possible, however it can be a challenge to be all seasonal at some times of the year, and when seasonal is not available we will chose the best quality and variety we can. As with the veg box it is available in regular or large. We can also adapt the size and contents of a fruit box to suit the needs of an office.

With any box you can ask us to avoid or include certain items.

Do you supply food for special diets?

Yes, we have a great selection of options for gluten free diets, vegan diets, dairy free choices and we also sell a number of organic lines too. See our producers area for more info, or ask an assistant in store.

Do you supply containers for the refills?

As we think there is enough packaging in the world already, we do not sell new empty containers. Any size and shape of container can be used to fill, you don’t need a standardised one. We will simple weigh your container before it’s filled, and make a note of the weight to deduct from the final filled weight. A store assistant can help you with this.

Don’t panic if you forget your containers, we do have paper bags on hand that you can use for dried goods and also we often have a supply of clean and quarantined donated pre-used containers for cleaning fluids.

How do I order the zero waste products for home delivery?

We can supply any of the loose dried goods we stock in paper bags as part of your home delivery. We can often use a clean and quarantined donated pre-used container for cleaning fluids, however we can’t always guarantee having these available so there may be occasions where we are unable to supply these products as part of a home delivery. We are always happy to discuss your home delivery needs and do our best to get everything safely to your door.

Radmore Farm Shop

Opening hours

Mon – Fri : 9.00am – 6.45pm
Saturday : 10.00am – 5.30pm
Sunday : 11.00am – 4.00pm 


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8-10 Victoria Avenue
Cambridge CB4 1EH